Assured Independence removes barriers to home telehealth for care organizations. The service provides affordable, turn-key technologies in three key service areas; remote patient monitoring for chronic disease management, medication adherence for medication compliance and help buttons for stability and wandering. Care organizations use the service to improve health outcomes and reduce care delivery costs. The technologies are simple to use and can be put in place within days.

Medication Adherence

Visual & Audible Reminders

Encouragement Phone Calls

Online Reporting

No Home Phone or Internet Needed

Locking or Open Cup Option

Free Rx Sorting & Delivery

Mobile Help Button

No Home Phone or Internet Needed


Works Anywhere Via Cellular Signal

Speak Directly to Pendent

Online Activity & Location Finding

Fall Detection

Remote Monitoring

Biometric Reading Reminders

Certified 24/7 Monitoring Center

Missed Reading Encouragement Calls

Online Reporting & Limit Notifications

Call Center Alert Validation

Single Button Reading Capture

No Home Phone or Internet Needed

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